Frequently Asked

Considering all of the associated costs of boat ownership, the cost of the boat or note payment, maintenance, insurance, routine repairs, depreciation, storage, trailers, tow vehicle and your time and effort cleaning the boat, your membership with us is a fraction of the cost of boat ownership. Most importantly, without all the nuisance and hassles! In fact, just the cost of storage in a facility alone, or the note payment is much more than what you would pay for a membership with us. We promise!

Although pricing depends on which plan you choose, the structure contains a one-time membership initiation fee and an affordable monthly fee thereafter. You are responsible for the cost of your fuel and there is also a one-time per year discounted on-water Towing coverage fee. Otherwise, there are no other costs or fees associated with our club. We do not charge for the online reservation system, head usage (marine toilet) fee, training, cleaning fee, late fee, no show fee and various other charges like some. We pride ourselves on not only having the best locations, boats and amenities around, but we are also affordable and can work out a plan that’s right for you. Pricing does vary, so call us directly for the most current specials and accurate pricing for your particular needs.

Very simple – Virtually Sunrise to Sunset Boating! We do not have set hours like most; rather our members enjoy boating during the maximum number of daylight hours available. We offer morning, afternoon and all day sessions. Because we utilize the maximum number of daylight hours available, our afternoon sessions can be as long as an all day session with other clubs. Your reservation can begin as early as 7am and end at 7pm. No other club offers that.

CLUB NAUTICO MIAMI utilizes our state-of-the-art, online reservation system. Each member possesses a User ID and Password to log in. Simply log in, choose the location, date, vessel and time. It is literally that easy! You then immediately receive an email confirming your choices and a reminder email the day before your reservation. You can refer to your confirmation anytime to check your upcoming reservations. Cancelling a reservation or mistake is just as easy.

This is probably the most important question to ask any club, and generally tells you right away whether you’ll be able to reserve a boat on “Spur Of The Moment Notice” or not. Our ratio is a TRUE 10:1 and that is for ALL MEMBERS, active or not. An active member is typically defined by one having used a boat within the last 90 days. Be aware, with some, an inactive member is usually not counted in the member-to-boat ratio. They may tell you their ratio but fail to specify whether that is for active members or all members, which can dramatically have an effect on boat availability. Ask to see it in writing. You can with us!

There is no limit as to how many times you can reserve a boat. We allow a maximum of 4 reservations on the system at any given time. The good news is we utilize a rolling reservation system, meaning that you can always have 4 in the system at any one time. After you “USE” one you can “ADD” another, up to three months in advance.

We have almost all the styles available in various lengths from 18’ to 26’ which are all equipped with outboard motors. All feature fuel efficient four-stroke motors that are quiet and reliable. Choose from deck boats, bow riders, pontoons, dual consoles, center consoles, bay boats, flats boats, walk-arounds and even catamarans. Some boats are equipped with twin engines. Whether your preference is cruising, fishing or watersports, we have the right boat for your needs.

Yes. Liability coverage is up to $1,000,000 per vessel. A $1000 deductible exists per incident, which is lower than any other club. This is better coverage than if you owned the vessel yourself.