The perfect lifestyle alternative to owning a boat.

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Silver $859

Pay as you go plan with discounts of up to 40%.
No limitations or blackout dates.
Add three members for only $600 more!

Gold $8,000

Unlimited use of any single engine boat up to 27′.
Discounts on all yachts in our fleet.
Excludes Saturday & Sunday 1pm to 5pm.

It would be unrealistic to have a formula that accounted for the price differences in all scenarios. Boats obviously come in a wide variety of sizes, models, and options.

Taking numbers from our friends at Carefree Boat Club, on the average 24’ power boat the purchase price alone in 130% greater than the introductory fees of a club.

When we ADD up all of the “ownership” costs named above, the average monthly for owning is 250% higher than monthly membership fees. The estimated monthly ownership costs are close to $1,000 per month for most coastal regions in the United States.

Over a five-year period, the cost of membership is only 37% that of what a boat owner pays in purchase and expenses.

In our example of a 24’ boat, with initial purchase price of $5,250, the five-year total was $68,252.06 vs. a five-year membership with Carefree Boat Club weighing in around $25,597.

Now think of the time savings – what’s your time worth? This could be a no brainer for anyone who loves boating…